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False justice is worse than evil!

Samurai Flamenco & Samurai Policeman

I’m going to need like 20+ OVAs detailing the further adventures of Samurai Flamenco and Samurai Policeman after the series.

Best buddy cop pairing ever.

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Why did you dress Clyde up like a shark?

Favorite character.

Why did you dress Clyde up like a shark?

Favorite character.

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I realized this last night and I’m a fucking nerd but honestly

it helped me to think about it like this 

because I don’t wanna be on the side of the Wall

Best life advice.

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Hyenas (by Marlon du Toit)

Look at that faaaace!

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SPEAKING of Ragnarok — hunker down with Thor and the rest of the gods by grabbing a copy of FORGED BY FATE (on sale now in… cele…bration? I guess?) 

Klikky klikky the picture for more information!

No better way to celebrate any holiday (… did I just call Ragnarok a holiday? Uhm.) than with a BOOK.

GoodReads page is HERE for anyone curious.

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The Thurifer, Owler, The Palace Guard, The Archer, & Gwyn | Graphite on Moleskine, 12” x 16 1/2”, 2013.

A collection of various ladyknights and wanderers I’ve drawn.

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"That King Arthur was a pagan is commonly stated in novels, pseudo-history, and other New Age Arthurian material. There is no reason to suppose that any fifth- or sixth-century Arthur was anything other than a Christian. Two of the three first-millennium sources that…

This is one of the reasons that Cornwell’s depiction of Arthur is one of my favorites. Instead of being described as firmly Christian or Pagan, for the most part he tries to stay out of the mess and remain neutral.

That allows him to (at first, anyway) unite the people better, since he’s Christian enough for the Christians and Un-Christian enough for the pagans.

I thought it added a great deal of character to him, too, that he kept that part of his life very private.

Basically I’m just making myself want to go reread The Warlord Chronicles, now.

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"Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference. They don’t have to make speeches. Just believing is usually enough."

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Five years ago, humanity died.

Some say the plague started in the south, in Chevil. Others say it was first seen in Skarhold in the north. In these journals, I’ll record only what I know to be the truth: that once it began, there was no stopping it. It burned through the five kingdoms like a…

I started a tumblr for the WebNovel I’m doing! I’ll be cross-posting the episodes over there as they go up, and I’ll be trying to post up some images that inspire parts of the Five Kingdoms world.

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